A New Year: T20 Bunsen

I am trying to make it a habit to spend at least half an hour each day to write about what I went through. This is special for me since I like to spend time alone and I go through lots of thoughts which only I can feel. Right from being dizzy to getting aroused, I can just unzip them all here. Others can read it if interested or find their own way. As simple as that. No need to be blunt in front of others by just talking without any motive. Also helps in improve your photographic memory since you recollect visualizations of what you have seen.

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Highway to Hell – Well Almost!

You buy your first bike from your own freelancing income and a bit of a VAT from parents money to enjoy that little(big?) experience for months to come. Yes, it’s a beautiful feeling. I know! But what happens when you crash your bike to undo all that. Nightmare? Yes. It happened 5 years back from now but if you have felt near-death experience, you need to share it of course. Like a scar on your face which does not fade away quickly even after that chemical peel, these memories are going to stay with you until you die unless you believe in reincarnation or gifted with memory loss.
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Christ Symbolism in Modern World – Part 1

Our whole world is encrypted. It’s tough to decipher it unless you have certain level of consciousness in that field aka Christ Consciousness. What is meant in the Spiritual World has a different meaning in the Material World. The Transformers: Last Knight trailer describes it best.

The title itself depicts that Optimus Prime is the Christ who leads a four member team aka Knights in ancient history.  If you notice the captions at the start it depicts the second coming of Christ.

0.00 – 0.20 “It started as a Legend. One of the greatest of all. Thousand years we have kept it hidden to protect Earth from what was destined to arrive. Optimus Prime!

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The Concept of Heaven and Hell

Right from my childhood till some years back I was taught by the society that Heaven and Hell are some places that you go to after death to enjoy or suffer the consequences of your current life but after watching some Sci-fi movies, reading excerpts from books and learning from life I came to know that the Heaven and Hell concept is entirely different from the things mentioned in the religious scriptures. The former concept looks something similar to the Tom and Jerry episode 42.

When you realize that this concept is actually made up to control people just like any caring parent or a dominating individual would do, you actually lose a large part of the fear. I would say Heaven and Hell is different for each and every person and is an individual experience. It is not a place but an emotion that you feel at each moment of your lifetime. Let me explain to you some extremities of Heaven and Hell moments and it ranges from personal to global level:

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