Right from my childhood till some years back I was taught by the society that Heaven and Hell are some places that you go to after death to enjoy or suffer the consequences of your current life but after watching some Sci-fi movies, reading excerpts from books and learning from life I came to know that the Heaven and Hell concept is entirely different from the things mentioned in the religious scriptures. The former concept looks something similar to the Tom and Jerry episode 42.

When you realize that this concept is actually made up to control people just like any caring parent or a dominating individual would do, you actually lose a large part of the fear. I would say Heaven and Hell is different for each and every person and is an individual experience. It is not a place but an emotion that you feel at each moment of your lifetime. Let me explain to you some extremities of Heaven and Hell moments and it ranges from personal to global level:

Heavenly moments:

  1. Scoring that point in your street sports
  2. Watching your favorite celebrity perform
  3. Winning an Oscar award for best work in their field
  4. Love making with that special person
  5. Receiving a like for your content

Hellish moments:

  1. Getting caught for cheating in an exam
  2. Not being able to pay off the loans
  3. Near Death Experience like an accident or surviving from Cancer
  4. Seeing your loved one with someone else
  5. Hatred comments for your content

For some people who are as cool as a cucumber or with a heart heavy as a stone, the above list can differ. But for a person who keeps repeating the same task again as if they are an expert in it, it would feel nothing like Heaven and Hell. Somewhere in between where you don’t want to feel anything. For a person, who is new into the field that the expert teaches, he would see that expert as some kind of God who knows everything and can do anything. That is why you can’t underestimate anyone and need to treat everyone equally.

Heaven and Hell exist within us. Even if you are the most handsome, most talented person and have visited all the wonders in this world but not ready to accept that our thoughts make up this world, you lose each and every moment of your life. That’s why in Christianity they tell you to walk along with Jesus instead of walking along with this world. Because the Prince of Peace makes us feel that we are winning each and every time even if you are seen as a villain in someone’s life. You are only defeated by yourself and not by others.

Let me know what is the highest heavenly and hellish moment that you have faced in your life through the comments section.


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