You buy your first bike from your own freelancing income and a bit of a VAT from parents money to enjoy that little(big?) experience for months to come. Yes, it’s a beautiful feeling. I know! But what happens when you crash your bike to undo all that. Nightmare? Yes. It happened 5 years back from now but if you have felt near-death experience, you need to share it of course. Like a scar on your face which does not fade away quickly even after that chemical peel, these memories are going to stay with you until you die unless you believe in reincarnation or gifted with memory loss.

I was on my way to a regular college schedule. Regular for them, irregular for me as my college attendance percentage never crossed 50 after my sophomore year. Ok, on my way to college riding on top of Yamaha FZ S v2.0, one of the trending bikes at that time which I had bought after being accompanied by two of my friends as I had no idea about bikes apart from the looks of it. I was busy(almost?) seeing the bike model while they were busy checking out the sales girl who looked like a model. I still remember that day when my father got upset over phone because I did not invite him and I had booked the bike already. Some things are to be missed. Not everything is to happen someone’s way. If I had invited him, he would have suggested me to go with Splendor plus. Bahut deti hai is the reason!

Being the late comer to college every day, a habit which started right from my school days where I stand outside the gate in a line specially queued by the students who do not understand the time complexity, that day was no different. No….. The only difference being late by 3 hours than the normal college timing as I was near my end of college life. The watchman did not allow me inside the college nor did I have any work there since the final year project was being done by me from my home. I had to submit my documents to my friends through the little gap of the gate and sneak back to my home so that I could extend my absence in college.

The way back was around 30 Kms from college. Once you reach the flyover to the highway, there is no disturbance nor any speed breaker to stop you from feeling like this:

until you reach the toll gates. I was on the bike lane where you can’t stop yourself from reaching below 110 Km/h at least. Lot of thinking was going on in my mind while travelling for example how to center that title on the project document or “Did I leave the stove on?”

Forgive me Deadpool for using that cliche. Music was being played in my mind along the tunes of the high velocity winds that were resisting my reach towards the end of the highway.

I reach a bridge where you can see a slope while nothing is seen on the other side. People who have played Roadrash would agree with me. Not just them but every guy who has walked on a slope would agree. Damn! I was travelling at around 100 Kmph while on the central point of the slope and what I could see frightened me. There was a car being parked as if it was lifeless just as all the mystery cars in GTA where you suddenly get a popup on the top which states that it is your way to complete the mission. Are you serious? Does anyone park a car on the bike lane? That too down the slope where no one knows what’s in front?

The distance between the car and bike by the time I could see it was less but not that Jean-Claude Van Damme could do a Epic Split with it. It was slightly larger. I tried to shift the bike towards the right so that I could escape to the central lane but I am not a stuntman but the main character riding on the bike so you are not supposed to handle it. I hit the right section of the car so hard that my bike’s head was crushed like this:

But why would you care about the bike anyway while I was flying mid air and thrown off to another location in the central lane for almost 10 – 15 meters from the bike zone. This happened without any stunt double.

That day I learnt that Helmets are crucial. If I did not wear it on that day, my face would have ripped off and split into two as I was being dragged on the road by the impact of the accident. I was 10x lucky driver that there was no vehicle from behind or else my body would have been split into two. But what about the car? The back window was completed shattered and I could see those pieces inside the driver’s pocket. I was moved to a safer place by the people around the incident. Thank you guys, you rock! Ambulance was being called at that point but there was no response at that time. I was moved to a nearby hospital by the same car crew. I must thank them a lot and I even apologized with my unconscious mind on my way to the hospital.

I cannot say if it was my fault or theirs but some incidents are planned by the Director aka the Universe, the energy surrounding us and you cannot do anything about it. You either need to learn from it or make others learn from your bad experience.

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