Our whole world is encrypted. It’s tough to decipher it unless you have certain level of consciousness in that field aka Christ Consciousness. What is meant in the Spiritual World has a different meaning in the Material World. The Transformers: Last Knight trailer describes it best.

The title itself depicts that Optimus Prime is the Christ who leads a four member team aka Knights in ancient history.  If you notice the captions at the start it depicts the second coming of Christ.

0.00 – 0.20 “It started as a Legend. One of the greatest of all. Thousand years we have kept it hidden to protect Earth from what was destined to arrive. Optimus Prime!

Does the above image strike any thought? The crucifixion of Christ and how he was not able to do any thing during that event.

0.57 – 2.10 Two worlds colliding. You are all that stand in its way. Now the greatest mission of them all, to turn the tide of human history. The Eminent destruction of everything we know and love begins. For my world to live, yours must die.

This is the fight between the two worlds, Material and Spiritual. Since time is not linear as taught in this world, the second coming is to balance everything out in this world. What did they say about the temporary world? Nothing is permanent. Change is the only equation that keeps forever. So live this world unattached to something whether it could be beauty, talent, friends, family, fame or money. That last line hits my soul the most. It’s the Christ world or the Krishna’s equivalent world of no old age, diseases and death. I will leave the decryption of other dialogues in this trailer to you guys.

But the big question is that why don’t we see the reality? If we could see all this world through the spiritual eyes or the Consciousness of Christ, then there will be no fun and exploration/learning of new things will be boring. This is because the world keeps expanding infinitely like No Man’s Sky game. I will cover more examples of the symbolism in the upcoming parts of this post because this is just one of the uncountable examples of the encrypted world. I will also create a new post to expand on why we don’t see the reality.


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