I am trying to make it a habit to spend at least half an hour each day to write about what I went through. This is special for me since I like to spend time alone and I go through lots of thoughts which only I can feel. Right from being dizzy to getting aroused, I can just unzip them all here. Others can read it if interested or find their own way. As simple as that. No need to be blunt in front of others by just talking without any motive. Also helps in improve your photographic memory since you recollect visualizations of what you have seen.

Before the New Year could start, I was attracted by the online posters inviting me to join the party. I almost booked a stag entry ticket to Le Royale Meridian. But then I thought I would just be there doing nothing since I am not a party animal. What else do I need to do? A single guy with no one at home in a 3 BHK apartment? Talking about 3 BHK apartment, my friends’ had a surprising reaction as this home can accommodate at least 6 members and I live here with all amenities needed for a full family.

I tried to reach Edward Elliot’s Beach which is popular during events like yesterday. I couldn’t reach the location and had to return half way in my car all alone. But I could watch people celebrating here in my apartment while returning. Gave my level best to avoid the crowd as I was not fond of the commotion at that moment. The next day I wished my neighbors with some sweets, chocolates and I got some home cooked food in return. I was hoping for it after a long time as I have been revolving around Zomato and Swiggy apps for too long.

I have thoughts of converting my home to Cyberpunk style. I ask strangers and potential friends some ideas about it. I had already installed LED strips for my workstation room. It looks good but still quite away from the Cyberpunk environment I would like to have for the full house. I am so excited about Cyberpunk because in my opinion that is the way to live. It connects the future setting with a combination of “low life and high tech” as defined. I am not a big fan of cool lights and find ambient warm lights soothing to my soul. I would stay away from bright white light as it makes me uninterested. Speaking about the CyberPunk setting, one should have Hong Kong as their dream city. I even set my VPN to Hong Kong location to start transiting to that kind of universe.

Things I wish to do:

  1. Stay fit: I want to maintain the 75-80 kg range of weight. Anything higher or lesser looks bad for me.
  2. Stay small: Don’t want to grow up. If I were to be famous or rich one day, I would just stay for one day and come back or live a mix of both. The Middle Class.
  3. Dance: Gym is often boring if gone daily. Need to learn dance so that I could dance to the tunes without looking like a faggot.
  4. Music: Learn one musical instrument. To a level that I can play some good tunes. Flute is my preference as it is termed as God’s instrument and the oldest musical instrument by many.
  5. Chess: 1 hour of Chess. Studying through a good YouTube Channel and a manual. Play at least a tournament in a year. It’s a form of meditation.
  6. Improve: I want to improve my communication, writing skills. Improve the work that I do. Improve my hair condition ( 😀 ) , bent teeth due to crushing ( 😛 ) , sweating problem which has isolated me ( 🙁  ).
  7. Find a life partner: I always wanted to stay single. All my life. But what are the chances that I could find someone who could complete me. Should try dating since I am a freelancer.
  8. Sleep: Sleep is the most important thing in life. Dedicate at least 6 – 8 hours to rest.
  9. Cook: Essential skill which would stay throughout my life.

That’s too much to ask for. Don’t worry I am just your normal guy who has ambitions but doesn’t succeed.

P.S. If you were trying to find the meaning of the title, I wish 2020 could be the turning point of everyone’s life. Bunsen is a term for turning track for spinners. I wish yours could be a track where it could turn like the Ball of the Century. Of course with a positive angle. I spent more than an hour writing this. This should have been finished within minutes. Why am I too distracted?


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